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Highlights Of Kumbh

“The fragrance of joss stick, millions of devotees, people bathing in holy water echoes of Sadhus and Babas chanting prayers”, this is how Kumbh Melas look like. With a lot of activities to savor; chances are you might miss out on something or the other but this blog of InheritIndia will be a savior. So here are we to give you highlights of Kumbh so you don’t miss out of anything and take the best memories good way off.

Shahi Snan is the royal bath in the holy water taken by the Saints of different Akharas before any other Hindu pilgrims. The devotees wake up as early to take their morning bath and wait until the sadhus take the dip and once they are done with their bath then only the common people are allowed to take the dip in that water.

The Sadhus are said to be followers of Lord Vishnu and Shiva. Akhara is the place of meeting for the religious troop. The Sadhus and Saints being the most integral part of Kumbh Mela increases the holiness of the mela with their presence. The followers can listen to the speeches of these people in order to gain spiritual enlightenment. Amongst the several saints like: NAGAS s, URDHWAVAHURS, KALPVASIS, SHIRSHASINSE, PARIVAJAKASH. Not only this but also Saints and Yogis come from Himalayan caves once in 12 years to bless the people.

Satsangs are very important part of Kumbh mela as devotees listen to prayers for hours. Also, there are a lot of ashrams and halls where people can offer prayers .

The city of Allahabad never sleeps during Kumbh and this is the best time to enjoy city lights and late night experiences .The calm river, glittering ghats, and the cool breeze, everything is so pleasing that you would not want to miss it.

Being in Kumbh is fun but could be better when it comes to hassle free Accommodation. Staying in the camps gives you opportunity to interact with people from different regions which also adds to your lifetime memories.

Food is next best thing in Kumbh. You would not want to miss the mouth-watering langars and prasads (sacred offerings) that are given to the devotees as well as the sadhus during the duration.

The rituals, the colors, and the music all contribute to this striking event giving powerful vibes with devotional singing and hymns.

Early mornings are the most sober time of day, as it is always colder than at any other time but sunrise is also considered to be the most auspicious time of day for spiritual practices, such as yoga and meditation Every day thousands of pilgrims rise, bath and return to their camps to meditate.

At last do not miss to check the local craft markets which have an astonishing collection of painting, sculpturing, hand-crafting of designs on metal, wood, ivory, stone and clay.

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