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Prayagraj – City Excursion

The thing about tourism is that the reality of a place is quite different from the mythology of it.

Prayagraj , a city in state of Uttar Pradesh previously known as Allahabad is an important tourist destination attracting huge number of tourists annually . Being one of the oldest cities in the world and enriched with a glorious history , the city has several monuments from different periods of Indian history . The city is also famous worldwide for the Kumbh Mela, a holy religious gathering of Hindu pilgrims which also attracts a large number of tourists and has been taking place in the city from ancient times.

The Major  tourists attractions of the city are :

1. Triveni Sangam

2. Khusro Bagh

3.Aanand Bhavan

4.Allahabad Museum

5. Prayagraj  Fort

6. All Saints Cathedral


Sangam is a sanskrit word meaning confluence. Triveni sangam at prayagraj is the convergence of three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati where saraswati is mythical river. There is a belief that the Saraswati river flows underneath the surface.  The two rivers maintain their visible identity and can be identified by their different colours. The water of the Ganga is clear, while that of the Yamuna is greenish in colour.

The Triveni Sangam is considered to be a very sacred place in India to Hindus, who believe that taking a dip there will wash away sins and free them from the cycle of rebirth, thereby achieving Moksha.  Every 12 years, millions of people are drawn to a spiritual festival in India, the Maha Kumbh Mela, at this Sangam. It’s the largest gathering of humanity on Earth.


Khusrau Bagh is a large walled garden and burial complex located in muhalla Khuldabad close to the Allahabad Junction Station, in Allahabad, India. It is two miles away from the allahabad fort built by akbar . The garden is quadrangle in shape and is spread over 40 acres. The bagh includes three tombs of Prince Khusru his mother and his sister.

The sandstone’s  mausoleums within the garden are the most intense example of Mughal architecture . The tomb of Khusrau, is the last of the three tombs in Khusro Bagh. Khusro was first imprisoned within the garden after he rebelled against his father, Jahangir.The garden has now lend its name to the surrounding locality of Khusrobagh, which is now bustling township.


The bhavan is a historic house museum in Prayagraj . It is the museum focusing on the Nehru family . It was bought by the political leader Motilal Nehru in 1930’s and was transformed into the local headquarters of the Indian National Congress. Jawahar Planetarium, the planetarium is situated here, which has been striving to inculcate scientific temper among masses through its sky shows on astronomy and science.


The Allahabad Museum located in the picturesque Chandrashekhar Azad Park (company bagh) is among the National level museums of India.It is about 3 kms from Allahabad railway junction and almost equidistant from Prayag and Rambagh Railway Stations and about 12 km from Bamrauli Airport.

The  museum has a diversified collection of art, antiquities, paintings ,sculptures, coins, ceramics, archaeological objects, illustrated manuscripts, farmans, decorative art objects, arm & armours, textiles, natural history specimen, photographs , prints and personalia collections pertaining to Gandhi, Nehru and Literary personalities of Allahabad like Sumitra Nandan Pant,Suryakant Tripathi “Nirala”, Premchand, and Mahadevi Verma.


The Prayagraj Fort was built at Prayagraj  by the  Mughal emperor Akbar in 1583.  The fort is situated at the banks of river Yamuna near its convergence with ganga.

At present it is used by the army and only a limited area is open to visitors.Visitors are allowed to see the Ashokan Pillar and Saraswati Koop, a well said to be the source of the Saraswati river and Jodhabai Palace.

The Patalpuri temple and the much revered Akshaya Vat or immortal Banyan tree are also great attractions for the faithful.


All Saints Cathedral was built in the 19 century . The church was designed by Sir Williams Emerson in 1870 . The designs on the altar marble and stained glass panel makes the building more beautiful .  All Saints Cathedral is also known as the “Patthar Girja”. The architecture is a major tourist attraction of the city. The church is situated at the canning town which lies opposite to the junction railway station .

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